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Rubino's was born out of a missed wildly nostalgic and longed for niche that I just couldn't get over. When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease they handed me a single sheet of paper with an explanation of Celiac and said look it up online to see what you can eat. Navigating a world with not much guidance and not much available in 2007 was a learning curve filled with restaurants that served me lettuce,  home gatherings with awkward "are you sure this isn't gluten free?", surprised gluten attacks and holidays baking traditional favorites I could not eat

While roaming Sicily I stumbled upon an entire bakery Senza Glutino.  They still weren't that good, but  I was inspired.  That's when I went to work developing gluten free versions of my nostalgic favorites like Pizzelle, Almond Macaroons, Anginetti, Biscotti and more. Before I knew it they were selling out weekly at a local farmers market .


Fast forward two babies and a pandemic later ... People are buying and baking from home more than ever and I am excited to provide a long awaited solution. Not only filling the gap in the gluten free Italian market, but also the gap in the heart of nostalgic free from families everywhere now able to continue traditions they thought were lost. We invite everyone to the kitchen to bake together and to the table to share memories together with delicious traditional Italian better than a bakery fresh goodness .

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